Sunday, 30 December 2012

Gun Control in the United States

The world is really starting to worry me, well America specifically along with all the other inhumanities going on in the world, such as Syria. What with the shootings in America in that primary school, and then the idiotic statements made by NRA representatives stating that schools should have armed guards !!!!.... I read some very interesting statistics on gun crime here in the UK we had 55 gun related deaths in a year, in the United States they had approximately 88 per DAY !!! which translates to 32 THOUSAND gun related deaths in the USA per year ......EVEN if you scaled up the population of the UK to that of the United States we would only have 255 gun related deaths a year.....of course any sane person would realise that it's all to do with how many guns they have and how freely available they are and their love affair with anything that can kill......and of course their precious 2nd Amendment, which has been twisted beyond recognition to support their "right" to carry arms......

I cannot understand how the pro gun people in the United States have such a narrow view on gun control, and why would anybody want a semi automatic assault rifle ? vermin control ? how many rounds do you need to put in a rat ? ....The bushmaster rifle used in the Sandy Hook massacre fires a .223 round which is practically identical to the NATO 5.56mm round

Why would you need a semi automatic rifle which can empty its entire magazine in seconds with the same muzzle velocity as a British Army SA80 ? Don't be fooled by the idiotic posturings of the NRA, nobody needs an assault rifle for protection unless you're a soldier in a war-zone. I find the whole argument that the NRA and pro gun people of America totally ridiculous and without substance or valid point. You only have to see the backlash Piers Morgan (whom I can't stand let it be known) got when he confronted pro gun people on his show.... DEPORT HIM !!!! HERESY !!! BURN HIM !!!! .....utterly ridiculous.... They are morons. 

Its seems the argument revolves around protection, a sort of mini cold war but on an individual basis, somebody comes at you with a .38 revolver and you whip out an assault rifle....and gun them down.... result....and a yippie ki-yay ....sad

But that isn't the point is it, an air rifle can kill a person, it really doesn't matter if it's a .22 or a .303 or a .223 or a 7.62mm death is about the only certainty you can count on.

How many more horrific deaths will America have to put up with before these idiotic gun freaks realise that the more available firearms are the more likely it will be that some psychotic nut job will use them to kill people..

University of Texas Clock Tower Shootings
18 killed | 31 injured | Charles Whitman

Virginia Tech
32 killed, many more injured | Seung-Hui Cho

Red Lake High School massacre
10 killed | 12 injured | Jeff Weise

Columbine High School Massacre
15 died | 24 injured | Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold

Sandy Hook Elementary, Newtown, Connecticut
26 died | 6 Adults | 20 Children aged 6 - 7 |  Adam Lanza

I cannot imagine what it is like for the parents of the children whose senseless killing have just taken place in the United States....

What I do know is that somebody is going to have to grow a set of balls and stand up to this powerful gun lobby and put them in their place...... 2nd Amendment or not