Thursday, 23 October 2008

it's Freya's 1st Birthday today :)

She had a load of cards sent to her, and we bought her a pink blow up jeep ball pool and a few other things that she is going to open this evening when everybody turns up to wish her a happy birthday, I thought that she wouldn't pay the blow up jeep much attention, but no I was wrong, she squealed with delight and couldn't wait to get into it.... I can see it now .....balls everywhere ;¬)

Andrea made the cake and iced it, we thought of doing the time honoured figure 1 but we decided to be different for once :¬) I think she did rather a good job of it (and it's triple deckered !!! ) unfortunately Andrea has never really mastered my Nikon camera, it does have an idiot mode but even she manages to mess that up, so my apologies for the slightly blurred picture.

We are having a little celebration tonight nothing special just friends and family around, although my parents can't make it because my mother has recently come out of hospital and my dad had his cataract operation on Monday so driving is out of the question, and to be honest there wouldn't be much point in picking them up considering they have both been in the wars recently, we'll leave it till next weekend and take Freya down to see them, they really enjoy seeing her..... but there you go that's what grandparents are for to enjoy their grandchildren to the max.....

Anyway I must get on, I've got a bit of tidying to do in between trawling for jobs....

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