Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Patrick Stewart vs James Corden

First off I've seen most of this awards ceremony and James Corden was an arse... he frequently used the people who came up onto the stage as the butt of his jokes..... and I think Patrick just brought him down a peg or two..... lets face it he's a knight of the realm, a distinguished Shakespearian actor and a star of many films....

James Corden on the other hand has accomplished .... ohhh let me see .... ahh yes....."Gavin and Stacy" which brought him to the public eye...... he is nowhere near the altitude of Patrick Stewart and simply never will be.... Patrick was probably incensed by his attitude as I would have been in his shoes......if you're getting paid to do something at least have the common decency to look like you want to be there and don't try to insult people to get a laugh.... and yes .... tuck your shirt in nobody wants to see your expansive muffin top....

Good on you Patrick !!! there is no excuse for bad manners ..... and you didn't die on stage.... you made James Corden look utterly stupid.... as he so rightly deserved.... it is he who went down like a Messerschmitt in flames

not you :)

Patrick Stewart wasn't there to be funny whereas James Corden was (meant to be)... it's a shame that James Corden had such an Titanic and epic fail in the humour department..... his one liners were about as funny as drowning kittens..... there is a fine line between being stupid and rude........ or funny.... I guess two out of three isn't bad..... he should just stick to being funny in future

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Anonymous said...

I found this never before seen footage straight after the Patrick Stewart & James Corden BELLY indicent :) enjoy..