Saturday, 24 July 2010

Normandy awaits......

Driving licence both parts...Check
European health card...Check
Flip flops....Check
Driving gloves...check
Tin of Barley Sugar...check

I was kidding about the last two.... but I'm ready to roll off the ferry at Caen ...well fairly close to Caen anyway... not very far from Sword beach as it turns out..... My mother has had this photograph of George (handsome young man wasn't he ?)  put onto a waterproof backing and she/we are going to stick it to his headstone with some Araldite and waterproof tape so it can't fall off or get weathered, she was talking about putting some daffodil bulbs next to his grave which would bloom every spring, a bit of Wales in a far flung field so to speak....but we aren't sure we'd be allowed to do that considering it's a commonwealth war grave cemetery but it would be nice if we were allowed to ... we shall see.... I can understand her wanting to leave something with him, I'd certainly want to in her shoes..... I should imagine it will be quite emotional for everybody myself included....

I'm going over to stay with them tomorrow night so that nobody here gets disturbed by my leaving at stupid o'clock... then it's a three hour drive to Portsmouth and onto the ferry at 08:15am to arrive in Caen at 1pm (ish).....

I will report back with copious amounts of photographs ....

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