Monday, 13 December 2010

This has truly shocked me

Tesco and a few other big retailers have been selling Halal meat without telling the public, all of Tesco's New Zealand lamb has been slaughtered following the Muslim method which is as follows :-

"According to Islamic tradition, the animal is brought to the place of slaughter and laid down gently so as to not injure it. The blade must be kept hidden until the very last moment while the jugular of the animal is felt. The conventional method used to slaughter the animal involves cutting the large arteries in the neck along with the oesophagus and vertebrate trachea with one swipe of an non-serrated blade. Care must be taken that the nervous system is not damaged, as this may cause the animal to die before exsanguination has taken place. While blood is draining, the animal is not handled until it has died. If any other method is used its meat will not be halal."

Disturbing video showing how inhumane halal prepared meat is

(don't watch it if you have a weak stomach .....seriously ... don't)

Now I know halal slaughtering is allowed in this country to satisfy the Muslim beliefs but personally I know it's not a very humane way to kill an animal, it will be conscious through the whole process until it's brain is starved of oxygen via the massive loss of blood.

That said what the hell does Tesco and the other supermarkets think they are doing selling Halal meat to non Muslims when ALL of their New Zealand lamb is slaughtered using this method but has not been labelled as halal ??? I'm sure if the general public knew that all of their Lamb was "halal" and how it was slaughtered their sales would slump.... apparently one third of their chickens are also halal....

You can be sure that the Pork is most definitely ok though ;¬)

First off I'm 100% Atheist and I wouldn't want any of the meat I buy blessed to Allah or any other God, but what I find completely outrageous is that ALL New Zealand Lamb at Tesco's is halal !!!

Christians in particular would be horrified to know this because they aren't allowed to eat any offerings to other God's 

It's true animals are bred for food and as such we have a duty to at least give them a dignified and painless death without them thrashing around on the floor whilst their terrified heart pumps their entire circulatory system over the floor until they lapse into unconsciousness ....

I for one will not be buying Tesco's or any other supermarket's lamb until the EU labelling comes into force forcing them to label halal meat as such...

I'm not anti Islamic at all there is enough room on this planet for everybody Christians/Atheists/Agnostics/Muslims/Buddhists .... I do however take offence when I and probably many others are misled like this and not given a choice in the matter !!!


Asim said...

Thanks for sharing this information with us. Infect the process of slaughtering animal with sharp blade is to provide satisfaction that almost all the blood has been drained. Although it sounds cruel but having said that "It's true animals are bred for food and as such we have a duty to at least give them a dignified and painless death without them thrashing around on the floor whilst their terrified heart pumps their entire circulatory system over the floor until they lapse into unconsciousness .... " I also believe that the meat I am eating should be free from harmful diseases (do we all agree blood carries millions of diseases?). Not only this but try HALAL meat someday (don't think its blessed by any GOD) you will find it better in taste.
And the other thing which is bothering me how can you be so sure that if a living thing is unconscious, they will not feel or feel less the pain of death? I mean no one ever has tasted the death until they die one day, thats the only point I don't understand in your post.
leaving blood out of body does exactly the same thing i.e. making your brain unconscious isn't it?
but I am not saying this to hurt your's or anybody's feeling. it is just my opinion could be wrong.

Many thanks

Digamy said...

Thanks for commenting Asim, but I have to disagree on a few points the first one is that blood isn't full of diseases if it was then the animal (or human) would die of blood poisoning, that is certainly true of any bacterial infection, virus's are different, that said if the animal has a virus then it will be in the animals meat anyway regrdless of whether you drain the animals blood. I have no beef (excuse the pun) with draining of blood from the animals carcass, I do however strongly disagree that the animal should be killed by having it's throat slit while it is still awake, and that keeping the animal awake during the slaughter process is considered desirable.....and I think it is purely imaginary that the meat tastes better....and I think you would find it hard to tell non halal from halal if either were put in front of you.... besides you can "NEVER" drain all blood from an animals meat, if you were to lay a slab of Halal meat on a plate alongside a non Halal slab of meat both would overnight bleed onto the plate, so the argument is invalid....

Also if the brain of any living thing is made unaware of what is going on (by stunning) then it would be also unaware that it was dying which is a far more humane way of slaughtering an animal.

I briefly worked in a slaughterhouse and believe me when I say the animals that were there for slaughter knew "EXACTLY" what was happening and in my opinion and many others Halal slaughtering techniques are barbaric and should not be allowed in modern society regardless of any religous beliefs.... Your beliefs are based on rituals which were put in place thousands of years ago, we are in the 21st century now not the 4th I think it's time an update was in order to stop the barbaric slaughter of animals, who lets face it rely on us to treat them correctly and with dignity... otherwise where is our humanity ?

Digamy said...

Furthermore if Halal slaughtering is so acceptable why don't Vets put down your pets using the method of slitting their throats ?

The answer is because:-

A) because it's very messy
B) it causes extreme distress and pain

Halal slaughtering is barbarism in the extreme.....