Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Or to put it another way, an operating system founded/forked from Linux for mobile devices, I myself have drooled over the HTC Desire phone (mainly because I can see the display), but thus far I haven't been able to justify the expense of getting one. I have however managed to get an Android phone for Andrea's birthday today, admittedly it's not from the HTC livery but the LG Optimus GT540.... apparently it's a mid range Android phone. She seems very pleased with it... The good thing about Android is no matter which Android phone you have the interface is very familiar, and the range of "Android Apps" is mind bending at over 320,000 of them, some are free others are not....want your phone to become a metal detector ? (your iPhone won't/can’t do that !!)

Make no mistake about it Android is the Apple iPhone killer, as of last month they outsold Apple iPhones for the first time, and it can only get better as phones beef up their CPU Ghz and memory capacity, Andrea's phone has a 600Mhz CPU and 130MB of storage built in but can be upgraded to 32GB for about £30...... 10 years ago that would have been a top end PC let alone a phone...

The problem with Apple's and Microsoft's closed source model is that you have to live with what they think is right for you, and for some people Apple or Microsoft is right for them, but for a growing minority it simply isn't…. including the price for the privilege. You "lease" software from Microsoft/Apple.... once you've finished with the software try getting a refund off them !!!! Linux isn't based on corporate gain once you experienced the freedom of Linux there is no going back. This is why Linux has had the media light shone on it and people are beginning to wake up to what Linux can do for them ...for free.

Long term Microsoft and Apple will have to radically change their business model to survive, once open source reaches critical mass there will be no stopping it, Desktop PC's and Laptops and now Phones powered by Linux have been increasing year by year, and now with the meteoric rise in Android phones it only shows how adaptable and reliable Linux is.

I personally would never go back to anything offered by Microsoft or Apple, to use an analogy it's like putting on a straight jacket to play a game of pool... with Linux you get the chalk and the pool cue and a pint, you just need some balls to switch from Microsoft/Apple that's all ;¬)

There are so many different ways to do things under Linux and once you start using it seriously it's like a light going on in your head....

Anyway I shall have to wait for my Android phone along with my Aston Martin DB9 and my private Caribbean island.....

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