Wednesday, 10 August 2011

I predict a riot

Well albeit after the event(s)... I've got to be honest I've found the media coverage of the recent riots quite sickening, it's as if this younger generation has completely lost the plot of what society expects of a young person, it's almost as if a troupe of wild baboons have been let loose in the cities, while the police look on not knowing what to do next.

Personally I blame consumerism and the endless get rich quick message that has been pumping out of our TV's for years now. You've got to have this phone, or these trainers, or this jacket or this bling ….ad nauseum...

But it goes back further than that, its roots were put down years ago when schools lost the ability to punish kids for wrong doing, they lost the ability to teach them that every action has a reaction or consequence. Instead that was replaced with kids have rights too and treating them with kid gloves.... this only brought forward the "You can't touch me that's assault" and that is what has brought about this lawlessness, the knowledge that they cannot be touched, coupled with alcohol and drugs being freely available.

By sparing the rod we have ruined a whole generation who have been spoon fed by the media that the idea of the only thing you have to do to be famous is appear on TV. How vacuous is that? We have kids craving after the latest bit of technology because their friends have it, and youngsters who are about to leave school who have no idea what they want to do when they leave who's lives revolve around when they can get drunk enough to not remember what they've done or where they have been. And some who count a successful night out on how many times they have vomited....

They are storing up huge problems ahead of them regarding authority, accountability and consequences, not to mention health.

I'm old school and I have to admit I'm proud of that fact, I know the boundaries and the moral implications of any actions I may take. I honestly think we have been too soft on this generation; admittedly not all of this generation have grown up to think they are free from responsibility or do not think of others before acting. But the horrendous things I've seen on the TV do not shock me, there has been an undercurrent of this kind of lawlessness for years, a blatant disrespect for authority or elders and other people’s property, it has over the years got worse.

For instance if somebody damages your car outside your house you can't give them a damn good beating because you'll be hauled up in front of the judge and charged with assault, and therein lies the problem, accountability there is none, and they know it.... there is nothing to stop these idiotic louts from running amok, as they have been doing.

The very fabric of our society is crumbling around us, and to be honest the only way I can see a thing changing is if an iron fist is used to deter these idiots whom we as a society by the votes we have cast in the past have created.

It’s going to be a long haul

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