Monday, 16 April 2012

Ubuntu vs Debian

I've deserted the Ubuntu flavoured fold of Linux for Debian.... Now as you may know Ubuntu is based on Debian, so the learning curve for me is a very shallow one, and it's true that Debian is less friendly than Ubuntu... But I simply didn't like the direction Ubuntu was taking their distro... I'm not a fan of the Unity desktop, it's too simplistic and for me isn't customisable enough to make the transition. Neither do I like Gnome 3......Call me a stick in the mud but I happen to like Gnome 2.xx I can make it do what I want it to with very little effort.... I understand the changes Ubuntu are making, they want to tap into the mobile market, but for me it's a step too far....

So I have installed Debian 6.0.4 (Squeeze) and I'm very happy with it, it does have its quirks but fortunately I've been using Linux for so long now the fixes are minor and easy to implement, the end result is a desktop which is very similar to Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick) but with all the bells and whistles of Compiz.....So I'm a happy bunny again :)

But that is the beauty of Linux, if a distribution brings out an "upgrade/release" you don't like, you can stick to your old version until they stop supporting it, then jump ship..... Like I have..... I tried Mint but it's nowhere near as polished as Ubuntu or Debian....

Of course as development continues I will eventually be forced out of Gnome 2.xx but I'd like to put that moment off for as long as possible :) 

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