Thursday, 31 May 2012

How amazing is this ?

As most of you know my wife Andrea is a keen runner, she's done quite a few marathons since she started three years ago or so.... and I'm very proud of her achievements.... but her latest run has knocked the rest of her "marathons" into a cocked hat

She recently completed the Cardiff 50 Ultra... which as you will have guessed by now is a 50 mile ultra marathon basically running from Brecon to Cardiff along the Taff Trail, she came 96th out of 131... so far from last 

96 14 ANDREA BRABROOK F 01:31:03 03:35:47 05:41:47 08:22:47 10:56:12

in a very respectable 10 hours and 56 Minutes or to put it another way 12th overall female competing out of a field of 22 females ..... (she also beat 19 male participants).... 

which is no mean feat when you consider that her training for the event amounted to practically nothing.... there are not many people that can get up in the morning and run 50 miles before tea time......

Immensely proud of her :)

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