Friday, 11 November 2016

The end of the World is nigh...AGAIN

Now let me make it clear I'm no fan of Donald Trump, I think he is probably one of the most repulsive individuals currently in the public domain, I do however understand how he has risen to become the president elect of the United States.

I stayed up on the night of the US election and watched it until 4am after which I knew he'd be elected. What astounded me by the BBC was their initial "Hillary has it in the bag" attitude and even when it was becoming obvious she didnt' "have it in the bag" they still carried on pushing the "oh well Hillary will surge any minute now". 

A blind and deaf man at that point could plainly see Mr Trump "had it in the bag". This is the problem with liberal media they simply cannot understand how anyone else could possible have a different world view, and if they do its because they are stupid, under-educated, ill-informed, racist, or worse.

Take the demonstrations around America against Trump, these liberal disgruntled voters most of which I notice are millenials....are simply not accepting democracy, they are railing against the very thing they purport to hold dear, you cannot say you believe in democracy and then in the same breath protest against it, you are NOT being democratic, like it or not (and I don't) Donald Trump is going to be the next President of the United States, I do however accept it as democracy in action.

There are huge similarities between what has happened in Brexit here in the UK and the US elections, London for instance has been in a massive liberal bubble for years, they have conditioned everyone who lives there (almost) that the EU was the best thing since sliced Hovis. The same can be said of Westminster and those gaggle of overpaid politicians who blindly thought they'd walk away with a referendum victory to remain in the EU, so much so they didn't even have a plan if it should fall the other way, their staggering smugness is beyond written words to be honest. 

They paid the price for being completely out of touch with the "common" people who saw from day to day, week to week, year to year, billions being wasted on the dying EU project with very little advantage to themselves, just more laws, more control more political union and more of Europe rammed down their throats. 

They say the older voters won the referendum, they very probably did because they can remember what the UK was like prior to the EU micromanaging our lives, and do you know what prior to the EU we were doing ok and life was good. 

They also say the older voters have stolen the youth of todays future, well I don't see it that way, I see it as saving them from another 40 years of entrapment and slavery, which can only get worse if the truth be known what with the EU's plans for centralised taxation and an EU army and god knows what else. 

Yes I voted for Brexit and to be honest it cannot happen soon enough for me if only to shut up the liberal leftards who are crying into their fair trade breakfasts whilst waiting to finish charging their hideously expensive virtue signaling electric car.

Trump is normality resurfacing after being pushed down by political correctness for decades, Trump is the status quo, love him or loathe him, he represents change to our political systems just as Brexit does, Theresa May doesn't like Brexit one bit, but she is one of the few people who understands that the old way of doing things has gone. 

The likes of Tim Farron and Nick Clegg and their ilk are a dying breed you can see that simply by counting the MP's they have in the liberal party (eight at last count). It wouldn't surprise me if the liberals are all but wiped out next election along with a decimated Labour party. Yes Corbyn is popular within the party but considering the Labour voters who voted to leave the EU it wouldn't surprise me if Labour tanked in the next election, especially with Corbyn's special blend of lunacy.

Nicola Sturgeon is a different kettle of fish, her ONLY interest is to gain freedom from the United Kingdom no matter what the cost to the people of Scotland..... so much so her "independence" from the UK will be quickly (if she had it her way) replaced by bowing down to an even bigger union of the European kind. 

Which puzzles me, why would you walk away from a union where nearly 4/5th of your business is with..... to get into bed with a Union where only 1/5th is ? Has she done the maths ? 

She says she wants to protect Scotlands interests, she'd be doing that by STAYING in the United Kingdom not trying to leave it. I suspect she has some kind of mental illness.

They (the SNP) also seem to think they will keep Sterling if they leave....nope won't happen, they will lose their central bank the bank of England, and the treasury,  They will have to pay back their debt currently running at 16 billion, they will lose all of the access to our security forces such as MI5 and GCHQ, all British Army barracks will move out of Scotland, they will lose Faslane nuclear submarine base, the list is big....

There will also be a hard border with passport and immigration checks between Scotland and the rest of the UK

All of this will have to be paid for and rebuilt by Scotland standing on their own, where all funding will be cut by the UK government and the EU....They also want to rejoin the EU....where one of the first things the EU will insist upon is the Euro currency....Tax in Scotland will rise like a rocket.

She really hasn't thought this through at all....They (The SNP) can't even manage their own economy as it is now, I would love to see them try with all of that on top of them as well.

No this is all about her wanting to leave the UK at ANY cost that's all, and the only hand she has is the independance trump card (excuse the pun ...oh the irony)...Scotland would be economically destroyed if they left the UK and joined the EU they would sink into depths of poverty not seen in decades, by that time the SNP will be voted out, but the people of Scotland will have been betrayed by Scottish national lunatics.

We are living in exciting and worrying times, I'm hoping it's purely a massive reset sweeping out all of the liberal ideology that has systematically destroyed our way of life for decades. It's not going backwards as some liberals love to say, its returning to the only sane way of living, where people can have differences and different ways of thinking yet still get on without being labelled as racist or misogynistic or thick or uneducated, if they have a different world view, we all have a different world view, tolerating those different world views is much more important than trying to silence them or destroy them.  

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