Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Happy Christmas.... :)

Well it's here...... again.... and to be honest I'm quite touched by how friends and family have rallied around this year to make Christmas a more memorable event than it otherwise would have been, it's been hard these past few months, constant worry about finances etc, but right now, this minute tomorrow will be a lovely day.... one thing I know, I should have bought a bigger Christmas tree the presents are over flowing from underneath it, the kids are uber excited, and then of course the sullen one is off to Austria on boxing day, so she should have a brilliant time out there.... providing she doesn't break anything :) she's pretty cut up that her dad didn't send her anything for Christmas, but no doubt she will give him hell when they next speak, but at least she has Austria and skiing to look forward to.... so her Christmas.... at least.... will be white. (see picture above, that's the latest picture from the resort she is staying at !!!)

As for my kids Emma and Rhiannon, I've given up on them..... you can only bang your head against the wall so many times before it starts to hurt, so I'll wish them a Happy Christmas and hope 2009 brings them all that they want and need.... and leave it at that ......

We have Andrea's parents down for Christmas, she tells me its the first time they have ever spent Christmas with their grandkids, so that's nice. Freya doesn't have a clue what is going on... all she seems to understand is "pretties" which means anything to do with the Christmas tree and the lights.... The tribe are in the kitchen at the moment playing "Monopoly" I passed on that one... "Monopoly" is just short of the egyption mummification ritual to me, it doesn't hold my interest for much longer than a few nanoseconds, and is easily trumped by any game of cards, which were also threatened..... my ex wife used to try and get me interested in cards..... she failed after 22 years of marriage, so my 2nd (much improved version 2) wife has absolutely no chance of turning the tide, in fact King Canute probably had more of a chance.......

The only other thing of note, is that a friend of mine Dom Kane has decided to give away his latest album "My Virus" for free as a thank you to all his supporters and you can get it here :¬)

if you like dance music, you'll really like this, and I would seriously look out for this man in the future he has talent by the lorry load ;¬)

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