Friday, 2 January 2009

I had an interview !!

but first off I'd like to wish all my readers of my drivel a happy new year and a prosperous one :)

Yes it happened !!! I actually got an interview, it was on new years eve..... albeit an informal one, initially they refused me in email saying I was over qualified, but I threw an email back stating how hard it was getting a job in the locality and that I had four kids to feed and clothe... and by George it worked !!! it's not much but it will pay the rent should I get it and we will have a little to spare, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed, interestingly they also run a maintenance and construction firm and their main customer is Trinity College in Carmarthen, so if I get the job I may well be up there fixing plumbing or electrics & windows and generally keeping things oiled and working well... but it's early days yet and I don't even know if I have the job, but if I do it will be a huge load off us financially...... anyway the interview seemed to go well, so fingers crossed !!!

Meanwhile I'll keep plugging away at the job sites seeing if anything suitable crops up.

New years eve was pretty uneventful, we just sat on the sofa and watched "Superman Returns" which I had recorded earlier on the DVR, then at about ten to midnight we turned it off and waited for the bong of Big Ben..... a bit of a damp squib of a new year, but at least we weren't nursing banging headaches the next morning.

The sullen one sent us a text from Austria, apparently she is/was having a blast, she is travelling back on the coach now.... it's only 28 hours journey ... a mere snip, I think overall she has enjoyed her Austrian skiing trip.

And I've just finished a book one of my Christmas presents :) it's called "Beyond Band of Brothers" by Richard D Winters, for those of you who followed the HBO mini series "Band of Brothers" it basically tells the story from Dick Winters side, and gives an insight into what drove the man to succeed as he did, it fills in an amazing amount of detail that was missing from the mini series, but I should imagine if they put all the stories in then it would have been unmanagable, sadly most of the men from Easy Company you see giving anecdotes and stories at the beginning of each episode have passed away now, but at least they got their story told, the battle of the bulge fought in and around Bastogne was particularly chilling and makes you wonder how so few men managed to hold off an advance when facing so many of the enemy, and the ludricrous situation of not knowing where their lines were and neither did the Germans and it was common place for enemy to wander into their lines and be captured, it really punches home how really awful that place was, and bitterly cold to boot ..... sobering reading and if that kind of thing interests you I thoroughly recommend it :)

Addendum.... I didn't get the job I've just checked my emails and I was in the final three out of 27 applicants, but somebody who had more specific experience in their line of business (totally un-IT related I might add) pipped me to the post :( ahhhhh well .... back to the drawing board


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you didn't get the job, but there's hope.G and I have been watching " The Band Of Brothers" on DVD from Lovefilm it is a pretty grim and realistic series and one that deserves a greater airing, perhaps then people would see that War is not glamorous aka Hollywood (Yeah I know HBO is American!) given the content of this message a little red button is probably flashing in some techy room .Ho hum.

Digamy said...

The men in black are on their way as I type this, you'll be in Guantanamo before sunset looking through a Hessian sack

How dare you diss the Americans ;¬)

Anonymous said...

oooh Hessian makes a fabulous grounding for a rag rug, can't wait, did you say the Black men are coming???? even better!