Friday, 27 March 2009

Spring is upon us :)

Although the weather has been far from spring like, but I remain hopeful. The job situation is more than dire and unless I get one soon, we are going to be up a tree without a paddle, but other than banging away at all the agencies and of course the really interestingly laid out Jobcentre Plus website there isn't a lot I can do really..

Freya is coming along with leaps and bounds, she bimbles around the house like one of the lost tribes of Israel, and unless you keep a very sharp eye on her she is gone in a flash..... and takes great delight in not answering you when you call her name....good game.... "terrify the parent"

I can't be cross with her though she is a good as gold and always has a smile for her Dad ... and anyone else come to think of it ... The other kids are ok, the Xbox recluse is still having girlfriend problems (I use the term Girlfriend loosely) and he has considered joining the Army so I took him to Army Careers, he seems interested but that's this week, next week is a whole different ball game, he wanted to go into the Marines, but I told him straight that he very probably wouldn't make it through selection, his thumbs would because of his Xbox intensive training but alas the rest of his body would snap.... the Army Careers bod steered him towards the Royal Signals, stating that if he really wanted to be a grunt then he could ask for a transfer after he had finished his basic training..... he seemed to go off the idea of being a Marine when I told him the majority of soldiers killed in Afghanistan were actually Marines.... but I don't think he even knew they were front line troops... he does now....besides if he does go into the Royal Signals he'll come out with qualifications which he can use in civvy street... so it's all good.

Anyway he's off to his Dad's next weekend and the other kids are going a day after, so a week of relative peace will descend on Chez Brabrook :)

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