Monday, 6 April 2009

Well I've seen it all now

Apparently for those of you who remember Peter Norton, of Norton Utilities fame, who sold his business to Symantec in 1990..... well it just goes to show you can patent anything these days

This is taken from the Symantec Website......(of whom Mr Peter Norton is the vice president)

"Peter Norton, Peter Norton's stylized signature, and Peter Norton's crossed-arm pose are U.S. registered trademarks of Peter Norton."

Does this mean that you can't have your picture taken in a cross armed pose a la "Peter Norton" style ? or in fact did Peter Norton invent the cross armed pose ? who knows maybe he did ? I think they are trying to say the image of Peter Norton in his famous cross armed pose is a patent ... but then again when you read it back a few times, I think they are actually saying the cross armed pose is trademarked...comments welcome

you can view the magnificent pose here

Judge for yourself unique enough to be patented ??????

Correction it's a trademark not a patent.... oooops

Other news.... 75% of the kids have gone to see their Dad down in darkest Dartmoor.... no news yet so we assume they are having a good time.... and we are actually enjoying the peace and quiet :)


Peter Norton said...

Well of course they're trademarks not patents, and while I don't "own" the pose, the trademark extends to only some uses of it. To better understand the idea, consider that McDonald's owns their graphic logo for all possible uses, but for the word "McDonald's" they own it for selling food, but not for selling, say, modems.

Google's Eric Schmidt and I resemble each other somewhat, and we both happen to just naturally use the cross armed pose. I don't think I'll be suing him for trademark violation.

-- Peter

Digamy said...

Oh I don't know it could be lucrative for you ;¬)

Harold said...

Wow! The things you'll learn from trolling the web!
So far, I've realized how glad I am that I don't run XP, learned how to tune a chain saw from your Dad (very useful info), viewed some rather humorous images and heard it "straight from the horse's mouth" about the Peter Norton Cross Armed Pose! Mr. Norton himself actually took the time to comment on your Blog! I'm gob smacked!

Digamy said...

Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment :)

I'm glad you've enjoyed my drivelling's... as for Mr Norton, I can't actually confirm it was him, but you have to give the benefit of the doubt.... and you can never have enough knowledge about chainsaws ;¬)