Friday, 24 April 2009

On a scale of 1 to 10

Just how hard is it trying to update your blog with an 18 month old sticking her head between your thigh and elbow wanting to press any key within reach ??? ohhhh about a 12 I should think... so far I've had to delete a load of "rrrrrrrr's" and "<<<<<<<<'s"..... she's had her lunch and been out to look at the horses in our field had a rather daring dive off the slide head first and liked it so much did it again !!! and is now happily trying to connect a TV aerial plug into a D-Link 502 wifi card which was laying on my desk at my feet singing "Dada lol..Dada...Mama" .... so that should keep her happy for 20 minutes :)

I'm really enjoying looking after Freya if the truth be known, I missed out on all of this with my other kids, too busy working I guess and too dog tired when I got home....but I guess that comes with getting older you appreciate different things.....

speaking of my other kids apparently one of my friends from what I can gather ended up talking to a girl called Emma who was wanting models for some art project, she was quite willing to help out and hadn't made the connection between Emma and myself.... right up until she sent a photograph of herself to Emma who replied with "nice try, ... go figure it out." then the penny dropped she remembered that I had talked about one of my daughters doing art and it all fell into place....I can presume Emma still stalks me on the internet otherwise she wouldn't have known Ffion from Adam hence recognising her picture when it was sent.... her loss Ffion is a really lovely person and genuine too.... not many of those about these days .... I

I find it quite laughable really that my daughter thought it was some lame attempt by me to gain access to her via a friend, when in fact it was by pure chance that any of this came about, to be perfectly honest I gave up all hope of any reconciliation between my kids and I years ago, if they want to contact me they can, but as far as I am concerned they have a brain and they are adults now so it's entirely up to them if they do or they don't.... as long as they are happy that's all that matters to me, I've got a new life and family now in which I am very happy in, they can share in it or not.....whatever :)

Now I have more pressing things to deal with like a very familiar whiff emanating from Freya under my office desk which will have to be dealt with immediately ....

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