Tuesday, 4 August 2009

DLink G604T


Yes it's a strange post title for my blog.... but just in case anybody else wants to breath some new life into an old bit of kit... Namely the Dlink G604T wifi router, it will appear in google's search items and hopefully help somebody else :)

I'm running RouterTech AR7WRD Custom Firmware ( v2.9 ) on it now, after trying various updates from Dlink from around the world, the last one was a russian firmware from the Russian Dlink ftp site....which you can get ->here<- but all of them fell far short of what the router was capable of and some were about as stable as a tramp on meths.....except the Russian firmware which worked very well.......(maybe they used vodka instead of meths ??) so after many hours of diligent trawling of the T'internet, I eventually settled on Routertech custom firmware... and I have to say it's impressive !! for those of you who have stumbled across this blog from endless searching via google, as long as you have a Revision A G604T Dlink router made for EU use, you can do a simple flash upgrade from the Dlink firmware upgrade page on the original Dlink firmware.... If you have a different revision of the hardware, you can still do the upgrade but you will HAVE to read the installation instructions thoroughly....and run this bit of software to check if your router is upgradeable/compatible....

In my particular case the firmware I needed was AR7WRD ADAM2 4 PORT firmware. Latest: routertech-ar7wrd-adam2-firmware-20090415.zip (as of this blog date) and use the single firmware image Do NOT try to upgrade by using separate config + kernel + filesystem images, you will brick/destroy your router without a doubt....

the only pre-flash checks you have to do are :-

reset your router to factory defaults, connect via an ethernet cable not wifi, turn off your wifi AP in the old dlink firmware and hard wire your IP address (don't use DHCP), in my case it was which was talking to the routers address of subnet

Once you've flashed your router and it comes back from what seems like the dead, you will be impressed, I was, and I take a LOT of impressing.... you have to leave the router for at least 4 minutes after flashing it, I left it for about 20 minutes and came back to a nice new login screen :)

the firmware sets WEP encryption by default, and the WEP key is on the front page (very helpful) but you will need to change the WEP key to something less obvious and your initial login is admin and admin, obviously you'll need to change the password as well :)

other than that it's VERY easy to setup, and you can get right down into the gubbins of the router if you feel brave, it's revived a rather tired old looking bit of kit into something quite snazzy :) Enjoy !!! and kudos to the guys at Routertech !!


Standard disclaimer :- if you do as I have and your mileage varies..... tough... it worked for me :)


fabrizio said...

may I ask what impressed you the most? I am willing to try this one, but not sure what benefits I will get...

Thank you, nice article!


Digamy said...

Hi Fabrizio,
I was impressed by the functionality of the Routertech firmware compared to the stock Dlink firmware, you can do so much more with it than what Dlink is currently offering.... you can also up the clock speed of the CPU on the router via a different patch which I don't think is part of Routertech if memory serves me correctly...but there is no going back once you overclock it .... it definitely makes the router snappier and thus far no problems to report with either the router or the firmware or the overclocked CPU.... well worth it