Wednesday, 26 August 2009

It's been a busy week !!

First off my father tried to saw his hand off with his circular saw and he very nearly succeeded, he was pushing a piece of timber through his saw when something slipped and before he knew it he heard the "ting ting ting" of the blade hitting his bone on his right index finger. The thing is circular saw blades don't slice skin like a knife blade would, they actually work like a chisel and take out a 3mm or 4mm wide cut depending on how big the blade is and what type of cut it does, but either way it's at 4000rpm or thereabouts, so in less than 1/4 second he had cut a neat channel right down to the bone on his right index finger, he's even managed to take a neat 1/8th inch chunk out of his index finger bone !!

apparently another 1/4" and he would have lost all feeling in that finger, he had micro surgery yesterday under general anaesthetic and they've repaired the tendon damage (what was left of them), he won't be using his power tools for quiet some time methinks.....He should be back home today hopefully.

The only other thing of note was putting up a stud partition for Freya's bedroom, I've done stud partitions before, but I've never hung a door from scratch before so I had to call on my fathers expertise on this one (pre sawing his hand off)....

The only comical thing that happened was putting the plasterboard up, I had decided to cut it in one piece and nail into place, day one was fine the plasterboard was dry and it went up like clockwork..... day two however proved slightly more challenging because it had got damp overnight in our car port and although I measured and cut it with the same brilliant didn't make it through our kitchen, that's when the first bit flopped off, then the really comical part was me trying to hold it up with one hand and nail it with the other.... needless to say it ended up hitting me on the head a few times and after much swearing and cursing it finally gave up and let me nail it to the stud partition !!!! Thankfully it didn't look too bad even with the breaks in it, and they were soon got rid of with copious amounts of filler... all in all a very satisfying job :) The best part was the loan of my fathers nail gun.... it's deadly in the wrong hands but nothing gets nailed quicker than with a nail gun.... effortless... and if you've ever had a mouthful of oval nails and architrave/skirting board in one hand and hammer in the other... you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.....

Anyway it was completed in two days and that's plasterboard up, architrave, skirting board, electrics and light fittings.....the lot AND painted (Me and Andrea) and papered (by Andrea not me) and on the third day curtains and carpet (girly stuff so Andrea....except for the scary carpet join) .... well it was raining there was bugger all else to do..... so we now have our rather empty bedroom to ourselves again, not that Freya was any bother she could sleep with an express train running through the bedroom once she nods off..... Anyway it had to be done because Xbox boy is staying on at school so no hope of a free bedroom just yet, he's been warned though first sign of flunking or floundering and he's leaving school and joining the real world !!!

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