Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Facebook does have it's upside

Ok I admit not the most flattering of poses, and I apologise for the reverse Winston Churchill but at 16 years old and pre first wife..... no wonder the Russians were afraid of us, although sending the first wife would have been a better plan, can you nag in Russian ? ;¬)

I found an old troop mate from my basic training days and he had several pictures of ME !! unfortunately I didn't have a camera in those days, well I did when I borrowed my troop S/Sgt's and to my horror after one roll of film it jammed and never worked again..... I gave it back to him and explained what happened and he charged me £5 per week for the duration of my basic training to pay him back... robbed.... I know but I didn't have anything to spend my money on back in those days....and it kept him in a few beers no doubt.....as for me beer was unattainable until later on I was stuck with the NAAFI... Anyway the net result were very few pictures of me of that time, but really good memories. It's pretty weird seeing yourself from all that time ago.... I even had hair !!!

There are so many faces I remember so vividly but cannot remember their names bar just a few, but that's what time does to you, especially 30 years of time !!

I'm fifth from the right front row and that was our accommodation block, it's still standing according to Google earth although now it's a business park I believe, and yes I ran around that disused WWII airfield so many times before breakfast, and yes it was sickening.....literally ;¬) so many good and funny and fond memories .....would I do it again ? ....... Hell yes !!! :)

who said the kids of today invented happy slapping ??? this is happy slapping circa 1979 brutality ruled the roost.... (I'm the one executing the head lock) and look everybody is smiling..... well except one .... ;¬)

(no boy soldiers were harmed in the making of this blog we were actually all very good mates, even the one in the headlock)

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