Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Snowdonia Hellathon is looming

Well for my wife at least..... some of us have more sense than to run marathons, let alone run marathons in probably the hilliest place in the UK.... but each to their own I guess.

We are staying in a nice cottage in Llanberis for a couple of days....myself and Justin (the husband of the other deranged runner) are going to provide vital support along the marathon route namely making sure water is available for our respective partners which of course will require stopping at every pub to fill up water bottles and it would be rude not to have a pint while we wait patiently for our respective running partners to zoom by... 

Then we have the strenuous task of breaking camp (after a bag of pork scratchings and a packet of crisps) and moving onto the next pub and doing it all again... it's a good job there are only three pubs on the route otherwise we probably wouldn't make it to the fourth pub.... These runners just don't know how much hard work it is supporting them whilst they go for a jog around the countryside.....  

Then we have all that awful drinking and socialising after the race to endure and of course "The Curry" ..... it will be hell.

The things you do for love eh ?

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