Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Wifi and Physics

Xbox boy after being banned from using the broadband connection for going behind my back and re-enabling it when I had disabled it has had a reprieve.... I've allowed him back on the internet with his precious Xbox 360... so he went out and bought a new usb wifi dongle from Microshaft... (well the ban had gone on for longer than a year... despite him asking at least four times to be forgiven ......let it not be said that I'm draconian unnecessarily)

I wasn't hopeful that he would get a decent connection because Lauren's computer has difficulty connecting through the 3ft thick stone wall and Xbox boy's room is directly above hers which means that to the wifi signal it's exponentially thicker because it travels up through the wall at an angle increasing the width of the wall by a factor of at least 4 maybe more... 

Needless to say it didn't work (very well....told you so !!!) so I told him to put the dongle in a plastic bag and hang it out of the window with a USB extender cable I had knocking around.... bingo full connection !!! although I can't see that lasting because Andrea is not happy about a plastic bag hanging out of his bedroom ..... I can see her point..

As for his full connection, yes he does have all the bars lit up but it's not really though because our router really doesn't like what the Xbox is throwing through it data wise so he's getting drop outs ..... There have been complaints about the Zyxel router we use with fellow Xboxer's ..... Which means I'll have to get a new wifi router that supports Xbox properly ..... NOT !!!

ahhhh well his in-house support for his Xbox network connectivity ended years ago... He's on his own now.... it works for Linux and Vista and XP and that's all that matters to me (and everybody else for that matter).....

Freya has managed to trash FOMO boys nintendo Dsi obviously by hammering it on something and breaking the screen, apparently it's only £32 to fix it so not as bad as we thought... but to be honest I think kids have far too many "gadgets" these days and one less is no loss to me..... (FOMO boy may disagree on that one) 

If all the consoles and gaming machines suddenly disappeared in a puff of smoke I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.... I can't see the draw with them to be honest, I also can't see how an adult can become so wrapped up in a "game" that it rules over all else.... a sign of the times I guess... maybe it's an escape from reality ?? who knows (or cares even)

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