Friday, 19 November 2010

And life goes on...and on...and on

Xboxboy has decided to join the Army after dumping his ball and chain....sorry "girlfriend" ... I really hope he actually does it this time rather than think about it and fail to follow through..(that can be applied to both the Army and the Ex girlfriend)

The only advice I've given him is to go for a trade within the Army that can be used when he eventually joins civvy street rather than going in as a grunt... He seems keen this time, who knows..

He did say something rather funny in that he was commenting on how clean and tidy the barracks were on the DVD and were they all like that .... the penny dropped when I said "Yes they are, but who do you think cleans it ?"

Freya still has this amazing ability to melt both of our hearts sometimes, mainly with the crazy things her imagination comes out with and how she has moulded the English language to suit her.... such as the new english word "Willunt" which is her version of "Won't" She frequently has us in stitches, but that is probably down to living with three other siblings who are almost as barking mad as she is...

I've been married before, but I can honestly say I've never had this much fun or laughter in my entire life, having Freya and taking on three step children and a mad marathoning wife who "gets" me and who I can reduce to laughter in seconds and her me, has given me a new zest for life and I have to admit it is keeping me younger than my years.

like they say "life isn't a rehearsal.. enjoy it while you can"

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