Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Xbox boy done good

He's done his BARB test and has scored 75% which is brilliant his three choices are :-

Ammunition Technician
Dog Handler/Trainer

I am immensely proud of him, it seems his life is finally snapping into place since dumping the girlfriend who controlled his every move...I think we can safely say she's history and somebody elses problem now and good riddance and of course don't bang your head on the way out of the door :)

Ammunition technician is a pretty dangerous job in civvy speak it's mainly bomb/munition disposal, but it also encompasses supply and safe destruction of ammunition, and he's been told that he won't actually be doing any bomb disposal for at least 18 months after training.... The recruitment staff at Army Careers said that not many make the choice of Ammunition technician ..... because of it's an increased risk occupation... but hat off to Stewart he's determined and if that is what he wants to do then it's not up to us to try and dissuade him.... and at the end of the day somebody has to do it....

It's far from written in stone yet but that is what he is wanting to do and it's his first choice so who knows, he has to get through selection first and he has to build up a bit of upper body strength and endurance, because the Army are only taking the cream of the crop these days. So roll on April 2011.... he'll be in his element and absolutely love it !!! :)

Immensely proud of him :)

As for the other ankle biters .....FOMO boy is due for an attitude adjustment course, which will entail bed by 9:30pm and complete banning of Xbox activities as he is starting to think he is bigger than his boots....He's been having trouble getting out of bed in the mornings and basically dawdling when doing anything, not to mention "forgetting" homework and seemingly muttering under his breath.....

We think he's under the impression that both of us were born yesterday.... where he's got that from I don't know because we are at least four steps ahead of him before he even thinks about doing anything remotely rebellious .... which must be frustrating for him ;¬)

You'd think he would have had a lightbulb moment by now.... but alas no.... I think it's a combination of Xbox exclusion syndrome characterised by the blank stare and twitching thumbs common in so many today...and I'm in Secondary School syndrome characterised by the classic "I know everything there is to know.....therefore I'm not listening to you"

He's also lost his coat because it's "SO NOT COOL" to wear one to must therefore be "UBER COOL" to be drenched to the skin whilst in and outside school....because as everybody knows that's "JUST WAY COOL"

We'll see how cool it is once SS-ObergruppenFuherer D Brabrook and his second in command Oberstleutnant A Brabrook get to grips with him.... abandon hope all wannabe teenagers ... resistance is futile to coin a Borg phrase....

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