Friday, 14 January 2011

Getting Beasted

Xbox boy is having his first beasting today, on the first part of his Army selection... he has to run 1.5 miles in 11 minutes which for somebody who's only exercise since leaving school has been running for a bus when late for work or flicking his thumbs to "call of duty" on the Xbox...

I'm sure he'll do ok he's a long streak of lanky bacon, fairly fit.... at least I hope he is... Andrea took him out the other day at the pace he wanted to run at and he came back quite a bit knackered, and that was at 12 minutes to do the 1.5 miles, but I guess he didn't have the big bad beasting bloke shouting at him (which he will have to get used to during basic training)...

Anyway I'm really proud of him having finally made a decision that will change his life for the better... but he's far from out of the woods yet, he's got a long way to go before he can call himself a soldier.... but I'm sure he'll make it.

Andrea joined another running club last night called TROTS based in St Clears, it makes sense really she had a long way to travel to go to her other club in Newcastle Emlyn and being much closer to the St Clears club it just made sense to join them. Anyway she really enjoyed last night even though it bucketed down for most of her run.

I'm suffering from a touch of post viral fatigue after my wrestle with the swine flu virus, I was shattered yesterday I could hardly keep my eyes open....I've got to say I wouldn't wish it on anybody it is a really nasty Flu... the biggest problem I had was trying to sleep at night and when I was coughing every half hour to the point of nearly vomiting it's not a pleasant experience nor is it easy to get any shut eye.

The rest of the family are ok, Freya started playschool last week and she seems to be enjoying it, although we are getting a bit of attitude off her from time to time but nothing we can't handle.... she has the most delightful turn of phrase such as "conkernuts" which of course is coconuts and "sosseridges" which of course is "sausages".

She has such a vivid imagination and likes nothing better than to get her doctor kit out and ask "are you poorly?" ..followed by.."I said...are you poorly daddy?"... then she insists on using her plastic stethoscope on you with the V of the stethoscope pointing up wards on top of her head... she then proceeds to remove bizarre things from your body with a spoon or any other implement she can find in her doctors case, the other night she pulled a butterfly from my thigh and announced "there you go Daddy all better now I've taken the butterfly out of your leg"

She is quite barking mad that little girl but an absolute darling with it.....

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