Wednesday, 21 March 2012

George Osborne is a [expletive of choice]

Well there we have it, the budget is done and dusted, the richer are richer and the poorer are poorer and meanwhile the middle gets squeezed.

No change there then.

Fuel duty is set to rise in August 2012 by a whopping 16p per gallon, it's not enough that the government already cream off more in tax than the product is worth, and if you think back the excuses for raising the tax on fuel have been varied.... but the bottom line is "they'll pay it because they have to" but I can see quite a bit of unrest on the horizon. This has gone too far now for a lot of people.

but what makes it particularly hard to swallow is the following :-

Osborne is part of the old Anglo-Irish aristocracy and is heir to the Osborne baronetcy  

This is from a man who in October 2008, Osborne's school and university friend the financier Nathaniel Rothschild stated that George Osborne had tried to solicit a £50,000 donation from the Russian aluminium magnate Oleg Deripaska, which would have been a violation of the law against political donations by foreign citizens....

(surely he knew that at the time ????)

This is the man who In 2009,  received criticism for the way he had handled his expenses, after he was found to have "flipped" his second home

(surely he knew that ?????)

He has an estimated personal fortune of around £4 million, as the beneficiary of a trust fund that owns a 15-per-cent stake in Osborne & Little, the wallpaper-and-fabrics company co-founded by his father.

So lets sum up, this completely honest man who is in charge of the UK's government financial systems got a  second class honours, upper division (2:1) at Magdalen College at the University of Oxford in Modern History and he runs the UK's exchequer ??? You'd think you'd need some kind of degree in mathematics or fiscal policy or  even Business Studies or absolutely ANYTHING other than a degree in Modern History !!!

That's like giving a cocaine addled public schoolboy the controls to a Boeing 787 airliner and telling him to fly the passengers to New York and land safely..... lets face it, it isn't going to end well.....

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