Friday, 23 March 2012

Humax DVR 9150-T

Well our Sagem 250GB DVR died recently with a massive hard disk failure, sadly Sagem use the hard disk for loading the firmware that runs the DVR.... so if your hard drive goes down, you become the owner of a very expensive brick

Temporarily I borrowed my parents spare digibox so that we could at least watch TV .....but to be cast back in time by HAVING to watch TV programmes when they were actually showing them was a major bind, especially when you've been spoiled with recording TV for later consumption and more importantly the pause button so that we can pause the broadcast to explain to the sullen one what is going on every 9 minutes.... (to be fair she isn't that bad these days)

Anyway I shopped around, compared specifications, initially it was a toss up between the Humax range and the  Topfield range..... I eventually settled on Humax and mainly because Humax were clearing stock levels and instead of the usual £180 we got ours for £86 plus delivery not bad at all :) 

Three words "it is brilliant" simple to operate does exactly what it says on the tin and compared to our old DVR from Sagem it is beyond comparison..... 

Advertisement break skip !!! (how did we manage without this before ?)

accurate recording AS the programme starts and the second or less

but the thing that sold it to me was the fact that you can put a bigger hard disk in ANY time you want and you can format it from the menu..... So at the moment we've got a 160GB SATA II drive in there, which gives us "about" 100 hours recording  which will be replaced for probably a 500GB drive at some point giving us over 300 hours of recorded bliss :) 

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