Thursday, 21 June 2012

Sense at last

A US father who found his five-year-old daughter being raped, then beat the attacker to death will not be charged, prosecutors have said.

Good !! 

I don't think any father would disagree with what this man had done to the attacker of his five year old daughter..... He obviously didn't mean to kill the man because of his 911 call after the attack.... personally I couldn't give a toss that the rapist died as a result of his injuries...

I've been reading through some of the liberal wishy washy comments on the BBC news website about it, and quite frankly either these people don't have children or think it's perfectly ok for somebody to rape anyone, let alone a defenceless child. ..... such as .....



I think you're all missing the point. This father took the law into his own hands. He savagely beat a man to death and then phoned the police. What right had he to beat anyone in such a way? The police are there for these things and then justice must prevail. If police had beaten the deceased man, would you all be saying the same thing?"

lets pick this statement apart ..... "I think you're all missing the point" .... erm I think not ......"This father took the law into his own hands. he savagely beat a man to death and then phoned the police" .... Well yes and the problem with that is ? what was he supposed to do tap the man on shoulder mid rape and ask him for ID ? or just call the police and stand there waiting for them to turn up while the rapist continued ?
Some people need their heads examining !!!
Anyway brilliant result for the father, as for his daughter lets hope she's too young to remember what happened in later years and lets hope the father can put behind him what he's done.... I certainly wouldn't lose any sleep over slotting him ......

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