Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Taliban School Massacre

I'm utterly disgusted with the Taliban to think that they planned and carried out this massacre of schoolchildren mainly as retribution for the Pakistani government clamping down and severely weakening the Taliban's grip in and around Peshawar.

It takes a special kind of religious nut job to think what they are doing is right, children have no place in the stupid and idiotic tit for tat of warring factions, and they certainly should not be subjected to this horrific slaughter.

I honestly doubt the sanity of these groups such as ISIS and the Taliban, they have some twisted world view which is being portrayed by some as "well aren't all Muslims like this ?" Well no not all Muslims are like it in fact the vast majority are law abiding people who want nothing more than a peaceful existence.

Personally I think all religion be that Christian or Islam or anything inbetween should be outlawed it's caused so much misery over the centuries, religious people are so blinded and blinkered by their faith and have this air of superiority about themselves, some are just downright arrogant, they believe 100% they are right and will not entertain differences of opinion. I learnt a long time ago that arguing with religious people is totally pointless, they are lost to their religion, and grip onto it like it's promising them ever lasting life or something.......

But that's faith for you isn't it, it demands blind obedience because god help you (pun intended) if you start to think logically and rationally about your existence and how things came to be, because once you've woken up from sticking your idiotic head in the sand religious existence and smelt the coffee so to speak, there is no going back.... it simple doesn't wash any more.

I speak from experience having been a Christian a long time ago but then reality dawning on me that there is no God or Gods, and that we are just a species of ape spinning around on a rock in a vast universe. Once you've grasped that and rejected your religion the sense of freedom you feel is utterly mind blowing.

I'm betting if the Taliban were Atheists they wouldn't be the Taliban.....but normal people, religion screws with your head........

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