Sunday, 18 January 2015

Charlie Hebdo Shootings in Paris

I like many others around the world were shocked and horrified  by the brutal killings in Paris at the Charlie Hebdo offices.

But a few things bother me and simply do not stand up to scrutiny.

Namely when you look at the raw uncensored footage of when the "terrorists" kill the police officer Ahmed Merabet.

First off he'd been shot by an AK47 7.62mm round which is why he is lying on the floor which in itself is devastating enough and would put a hole as an exit wound the size of your fist or bigger, yet even though he had been rolling around on the floor after being shot there is no blood on the pavement, none not one bit.

Then there is the moment when the "terrorist" walks/jogs up to him to finish him off with a head shot..... and this is where I have to suspend belief for the following reasons.

All pointed bullets that do not deform end their tissue path travelling base first, since this puts their centre of mass forward; this is their stable attitude. The rotation imparted to the bullet by the rifled gun barrel is sufficient to force the bullet to travel point-forward in air (in properly designed weapons), but not in tissue where such factors as bullet shape and the location of centre of mass far outweigh rotation effects.  the AK-47 and the AK-74 represent what is seen in most shots. Sometimes the bullet yaws to 180°, or the base-forward position, in one cycle. These variations, along with the curvature in bullet path at or near the end of tissue path, are of far less importance than the distance the bullet travels point-forward before significant yaw begins, a tumbling bullet would explode your head.

So a head shot at that range would blow his head apart like a water melon because the AK47 round is notorious for being unstable once it hits a target and it yaws within one twist within the first few inches of impact, especially when hitting bone and a tumbling bullet produces devastating injuries, of which we can see none in the raw video.

At the moment the "terrorist" fires at the policeman's head it doesn't move at all, his head would be whipped forwards with the impact of this particularly heavy round which leaves the muzzle at 2,350 ft/s 

You would expect to see major trauma from being shot at that range especially in such an area which is rich in blood such as the head.

Furthermore there is a video out there which has slowed down the frames and zoomed in, you can clearly see that the bullet strikes the pavement about a foot above his head to the right.

Now all the media outlets are reporting him as being finished off with a head shot .....that simply isn't true, it can't be,  nothing that happens in the raw footage points to him having been shot in the head. What you do see is the "terrorist" missing his head.......

I spotted this immediately I know what a high velocity round can do and that "terrorist" missed.

So that means the policeman pretended to be shot to possibly stop being shot at any more ? who knows, maybe he did die of his other wounds but the fact there was no blood, no massive trauma at the scene....or maybe he wasn't shot at all .....who simply doesn't add up

But the plot thickens
On the same day Helric Fredou, 45, the deputy director of the regional judicial police in Limoges turned his gun on himself, hours after Cherif and Said Kouachi killed 12 people in an attack which included the death of two policemen, the media reports he was depressed ?

Couple this with the recent announcements of cyber war games with the US and UK and the requests to drop encryption entirely to the big companies and put forward the snoopers charter again to effectively allow the UK government to listen in on ANY communications.

I have no doubt at all that our politicians will use this "event" for want of a better word and twist it
to get what they want regarding the effective removal of our privacy under the guise of anti terror laws, keep the people frightened and they'll agree to anything.....

That to me rings huge alarm bells, there are conspiracy theories out there that the Charlie Hebdo shootings were a false flag event, to smear muslims and whip up support for the west to go back into Iraq and all the other places ISIS are and wage another ground war......Do you know what ? nothing surprises me these days, remember the WMD's ? nothing found, but oooops we're in a ground war lasting years and David Kelly the weapons expert commits suicide in highly suspicious circumstances......

The more you read about the backgrounds and the events leading up to the shootings and the fact that one of the terrorists left their ID in the get away car (REALLY ?)  it does smell a bit too convenient.

Whilst I have no doubt people died as a result of what happened in Paris I don't think we are being given the full story.......

I'm cynical about what we are spoon fed by the media most of the time, there is always a hidden agenda these days 

Somebody is making a lot of money out of these wars, follow the money ......

There is more to this story and that is the actual bit of footage of the policeman getting shot.... it simply does not add up any photographer worth his or her salt would spot these scale and aspect ratio errors, but on the shaky video you don't notice it as much unless you slow the video down.

look at this frame taken from the "video" note how high the terrorist is in relation to the billboard he is just about to pass

There he is again as you can see the billboard towers above him by a good 3 or 4 feet ??? and he is close to the billboard so his relative height is easy to judge

Now here is a picture from Google Earth of the very same place, notice how high the billboard is ? that would make the terrorist about 2 feet tall, there are other inconsistencies as well background items appearing
through the terrorist as he passes them and how they seem to hover on the ground....something isn't right here ......

In the picture below here is a woman here walking past several feet behind the same billboard.....look how tall she is in relation ???

What is going on ?

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