Friday, 1 August 2008

The Sword of Damoclese has fallen.....OUCH !!

Its been hanging by a horses hair thread since I started working here in Swansea over two years ago because the contract had been lost and I had been taken on as a stop gap for the transition from Novell to Microsoft.... well this morning HR called me and all the others in the team to tell us why the Lan Support team had been "rightshored" to Mumbai in India, so over the next sixteen weeks I will have my Indian counterpart sitting next to me and I will be explaining and teaching him my job before he jets off back to Mumbai to take over in or around September (ish)... for probably one quarter of the pay I'm currently on....

I knew it was coming so it's no big surprise to me, I will just have to knuckle down and find another position within the company but it's not looking rosy as the only positions available are in Rotherham or Bristol, both of which are too far to commute so it's looking like I have to kick start the business up again full time... or find another job within commutable distance.... :(

/set geek mode=on

However there is a huge fly in the ointment which the non technical big wigs in management haven't spotted yet.....we support Novell servers using IPX (a network protocol), IPX is not routable over the T'internet, it has to be encapsulated within IP for it to travel over the internet which means a VPN, it also needs to encapsulate SPX and RSPX so that is another three VPNS over to Mumbai to support NDS....and one of the huge bluebottles in the ointment is remoting onto one single Novell server will swamp the VPN with traffic as every broadcast and NLSP message is transmitted over the VPN, also ANY traffic or files that have to be copied from one volume to another either internally or externally to the target server will have to go via Mumbai over the VPN before being copied back over the VPN to a different volume on the same server !!! it will be unworkable basically, but they will only find that out after we have gone.... I would like to be a fly on the wall when the (mis) management rightshoring team find that little pearl out !!! ;¬)

/set geek mode=off

So.... Mr Digamy is looking for a job as of today to support four kids .....

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