Monday, 28 July 2008

I love living here :)

I went fishing yesterday, after taking advice from my doctor that I should try and use my shoulder as much as I can, I found it didn't actually tax my shoulder that much, as the river is only about 20 feet across at its widest so no back breaking casting to be done. and despite my injury I currently hold the record for biggest trout pulled from our river :)... OK it's not massive but from such a small river it's gargantuan, and yes that is my Nokia 6070 next to it for scale :)

(I've just been reliably informed by my (less of the) nerdy fishing friend Chris, that it's a sea trout not a brown trout, and apparently they travel in shoals !!! so I will be pulling the rest out hopefully over the next few weeks !! :¬) )

We cooked it that night, so from river to pan in about an hour or so, with a nice fresh salad picked from the garden can't get fresher than that.... but in time honoured fashion during my fishing expedition..... I did injure myself, not on barbed wire whilst negotiating getting under/over/through it, or slipping on wet rocks, no it was far simpler than that, I was wearing canvas shoes and I was standing in the river fishing, and because the river was cold I couldn't feel my canvas shoes slowly eroding the back of my heels, so when I got out of the river and feeling returned I turned into an instant cripple, one of my heels was actually bleeding, and I wasn't looking forward to the 1/2 mile trudge up the track back to the house, but I got there.... eventually, got ZERO sympathy but they were impressed with my trout !! only thing now is I have to wait for my heel to get better before I can go fishing again (or in fact walking too far again)

We had some friends come down last night for a few hours after we had our barbeque which was nice, had a laugh and generally a good time, they left fairly late and we fell into bed quite tired after a hot sunny and busy day, I'm hoping to go back to work this week at some point, my shoulder still gives me jip but usually only when I lift my arm above shoulder height or rotate it too much.

Nothing much else to report, weather is brilliant (bit too hot for my liking), kids behaving etc, etc.

anyway I had to blog today to show off my whale of a fish ;¬)

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