Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Disaster Central

I spent most of the morning re jigging my CV, to conform to the standard that is about these days, it's more achievement based than technical knowledge, employers and agencies want a more rounded picture of what you're like apparently, bugger what you can do just tell me what you've done !!

I was put onto an agency that is provided by my ex employer to use their services to find me another job as soon as possible, I did mention that if need be I would get a job anywhere just to pay the bills, but they advised me not to do that as it would detract from finding the perfect position for me.... I have to disagree though when you need a regular pay packet anything will do... anyway after I finished doing my CV and sending it off to be assessed, I decided (stupidly) to bleed a rather troublesome radiator in the house, it's the one in the front room, we have two, one at either end of the room, one of them works but the other one remains stone cold no matter how much nuclear super heated water we pump through it.

So off I went in search of tools and a towel, I fashioned myself a cut off milk carton to catch the water and managed to bleed three of the bleed points.... THREE I hear you say ... hmmmm yes it seems there must have been a run on single radiators when these were put in because they are two small singles joined together, which doesn't make them the easiest of things to bleed...

Anyway I started to unscrew the last bleed valve and the pressure of the water blew the screw from my hand... oh well I thought I'll find that later it can't have gone far... so I filled up the plastic milk carton and then tipped it out the window.... you know what's coming now don't you ?

YES .... I threw out the screw with the water, it had been blown into the milk carton !!! I didn't figure this out until I had hunted high and low with my finger over the high pressure and HOT water coming out of the radiator, it took me over 2 hours of alternating fingers because they were getting burned until I found a solution by stuffing Cranium dough/putty into the hole, it held long enough for me to go outside and search for the bleed screw, which I eventually found in amongst the fallen leaves....lucky !!!

I ended up with fingers like one of the Zombies off the living dead

The Xbox recluse has run up a massive bill on the land line ringing his girlfriend all hours it seems, not to worry though it's coming out of his wages, the amount he spends on chatting to his girlfriend he could take her out on a nightly basis and have a good time..... ahhhh young love, so innocent, so full of promise..... so what !!! anyway he is being told tonight under no circumstances is he to use the house phone to ring her, he can top up his mobile then he can see the money being frittered away himself, rather than having a shock at the end of the month.......same applies to the other ankle biters as well, the phone bill is getting ridiculous in fact the only one who hasn't run up the phone bill is Freya, but her level of conversation at the moment is a bit limited as are her circle of friends....

The rest of today I spent recovering two hard drives from a friends computer which had the unfortunate situation of being hit by lightning killing it instantly, I've got nearly 90% of her photos back the rest has been trashed..... I just need to buy CD's/ DVD's now to copy all of the photo's on it, thankfully I had bought a 16GB USB pen drive for £17.99 from Play.com which was well suited to the task..... it's ridiculously cheap for a full 16GB of storage, and I filled in what was left by cooking dinner, cleaning up and generally being a house husband :¬)

roll on tomorrow for much of the same ..... :(

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