Wednesday, 19 November 2008

This amused me about the BNP

I was browsing the Register and saw an article about the BNP (British National Party) saying that their entire membership list had been published on the internet.....(how careless ....grin)....they are basically a bunch of racists who hold pretty extreme views.... anyway I followed all the links and eventually got to a public forum where some if not all of the "members" of this forum were bleating about having been outed, the really laughable ones were the ones who said

"My God if this gets back to my employers, I will lose my job !!!"

and then the ones who pleaded innocence by stating "I left in 2006 how can this be, my name shouldn't be on the list ????"

(I had a brief visual picture, flash before my eyes of him trying to take off his jack boots and ripping off his Adolf moustache in a great hurry as he typed his response on the forum.....Gott Im Himmel !!!)

Hmmm maybe he should have thought about that before joining the BNP if he is THAT ashamed of which party he belongs to !!!

As for me, well I don't care who knows that I got thrown out of the SS for being too cruel and heartless ..... (that was a joke by the way ....well you never know these days.... a firebomb through your letterbox can seriously singe your carpet !!!)... there are some right nutters out there, I wonder how long this little gem will float around the media, makes you wonder if it takes the heat off the government about the Baby P case or/and the economy ????? you know important things.....

planned ? nah.... complete concidence ..... of course..... how silly to even think it.....


anyway that's enough of that drivel, I'm still not having much luck finding a job, the job market needs a defibrillator in my opinion, it's definitely not bringing forth much luck for anybody it seems, my ex colleagues are having similar problems finding a job, so it's not just me, all I can keep doing is to keep looking, I suppose.

right I'm off to bed, or should I say the sofa, mainly because I have man flu and the second I lay in bed I start hacking away constantly, keeping my room mates awake, I've dosed up on benylin night time, and I'm starting to feel the effects of it, so I had better stop now before




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