Sunday, 4 January 2009

Fifi the cat is no more....

She was let out the day before yesterday like she normally was, she usually spent the best part of her time playing in the garden or walking up and down the fence ready to pounce on some unfortunate mouse... she had already butchered a few and was becoming quite the rodent serial killer, but the other night she came home and wasn't in a very good way at all, her back legs were weak and she looked like she had been drugged and her ears were cold, she had no physical damage except for one claw that had been frayed and her collar was missing, we assumed another cat had "jumped" her so we put her in front of the fire to warm her up, she was obviously in shock, but the next morning there was no improvement.

So Andrea took her to the vets, they decided to keep her in and initially the vets thought she had been poisoned, they x-rayed her but found nothing broken... but then she started to go downhill so they opened her up, and it was then that they found that she had massive internal damage akin to either being kicked or run over.... it wasn't long after that that they put her to sleep, and today out of curiosity I wandered onto the road and found her collar.... it kind of confirmed what happened, how she managed to crawl back to the house is beyond me.... :(

Anyway she has been buried now at the front of the house, shadow boy wanted her buried under the tree she liked so much, but after putting the shovel down and realising that it would be impossible because of the root system, I moved her to the corner of the garden, she now has a large slate slab over her grave as we have quite a few fox's around this area, I'll sink it into the lawn in the spring.....

Now I've never been a fan of having a cat, I made my views on cat ownership quite clear, and we only got the cat because shadow boy promised he would look after it..... well that initial zeal faded after a few weeks when he realised feeding and cleaning up after a kitten wasn't all cute and fluffy and he disowned it, which I have to say annoyed me intensely, I've never really liked cats, they do what they want, it's a bugger to house train them...... and to be quite honest I was getting to the end of my tether with Fifi leaving various "presents" around the house, but I have to say she didn't deserve to go the way she did.... so mixed feelings here, sad she has died as death wasn't in my final solution for her I was thinking more rehoming, but also glad in that nobody seemed to be bothered about the mess she made, well not the kids anyway it was usually left to Andrea to clean up after her, as I refused point blank, not out of being awkward or pig headed, but a deal had been struck and that had been broken, and I will refuse to fill in on somebody elses responsibilities. I think it's safe to say we will not be having a cat again.

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