Thursday, 22 January 2009

Don't panic Mr Mannering

I had my first nights semi decent sleep last night, I only woke up once choking for breath, instead of my usual 8 or 9 times... it looks as if the antibiotics are starting to do their job.... thankfully, because I don't think I could have managed another few days of no sleep and gagging for breath. I did manage to throw a glass of juice over myself the other night, I had a coughing fit and when it stopped I was so dog tired I just rested the glass by my side thinking I'll need that in a few minutes and then promptly fell asleep, only to be woken up in a typical Lance Corporal Jones style whilst on sentry duty "them fuzzy wuzzies don't like it up em !!!".... the bodily jerk of waking up emptied the entire contents of the glass over myself, so I retired to the bean bag as the other sofa wasn't in the same comfort zone.... dripping wet (I didn't care) ....I woke up draped over the bean bag like a human sacrifice for some Inca God (yes it was a red coloured juice), arms to the side like I was in a reverse parachute free fall, all that was missing was the golden jewel encrusted sacrificial knife embedded in my chest and some bloke with wild eyes, dressed in feathers and a skirt standing over me........that was a bad night, but I was past caring at that stage, and so very tired.

The weather has improved slightly we have blue sky now and it's fairly mild out, which has to beat the torrential downpours we've had since the Siberian freeze we had a few weeks ago, where it got so cold our bore hole froze over, we don't have mains water here, we are too far out in the country, so we have a 120 metre borehole, thankfully it was only the surface pipe which froze, well I say surface pipe it was buried under the concrete and down a decent depth, but the Siberian permafrost got it and our water stopped, we ended up having to run an insulated ethylene pipe over the ground to restore our water, then of course I had to bleed the Heath Robinson water pipes that criss cross around this house like a spiders web to get the massive air locks out of the system, not good when you're feeling like death warmed up.

But hopefully it's all sunshine and smiles from now on, I've still got over 20 days of antibiotics to take, they are pretty strong ones and they upset my stomach a bit, but well worth the discomfort, I should have listened to my wife when she said "that's a nasty cough you really should go to the doctor"..... I know I should

The only other thing of note was a call from the caring CSA, checking to see if I had a job yet..... hmmmmm "The eye of Sauron" stirs in the east......

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