Monday, 22 February 2010

Fashion - Turn to the left...Fashion - Turn to the right

Andrea and Lauren have been asked to model at a fashion show on Tuesday... I suspect that the clothes they model for the Muscular Dystrophy Charity will be slightly less revealing than the type shown on the left here, but even so it should be a good event and it's for a good cause.....

The clothes have been provided by Tesco and it is they who are sponsoring the event.... I've got to be honest it takes a fair bit of guts to strut your stuff on the runway and a fair bit of confidence as well.... But Andrea is looking good after the many months of Marathon training she's been doing.... toned in all the right places :)

I'm going along to provide moral support with Niki one of our friends and between us we should be able to keep Freya and Hannah under control and hopefully take some nice photographs of it all .... :) Although I suspect Freya will squeal with delight when she sees Mummy walking down the runway !!!

I'm still in the throes of fighting off this chest infection, I seem to have good days and bad days.... last night was awful I seemed to be coughing every twenty minutes or so, so I didn't get very much sleep, so I'm completely chin strapped this morning and was so out of it Andrea arranged for Freya to go to the child minders today so I'll have her Wednesday through Friday.... it gives me a bit more time to get over this cough I've got.... I think it's getting better but I thought that two days ago as well .... hmmm we'll see I guess.....

Not much else to report except Lauren has now had her eyes tested by an optician for her Army college application, so one step closer for her... I'm really proud of her doing this, more so because neither Andrea or I talked to her about it beforehand, she just decided to do it all by herself, I don't blame her really because the opportunities around Carmarthen are pretty limited and a years training in an Army foundation college will set her up nicely she'll even get to see a bit of the world and enjoy herself. There are two colleges for her age group open to her, one in Harrogate which used to be 11 Signal Regiment AAC (Army Apprentices College) and the Army Training Regiment in Winchester.

I've been to the Harrogate one when I was in Ouston and I have to say even back in the 1980's it was brilliant but looking at the pamphlet you are given now it's even better with fantastic facilities available....

The rest of the family are ok, we're just getting on with it I guess :)

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