Thursday, 25 February 2010

I've got no sympathy

Apparently a killer whale has killed it's trainer during a show in Seaworld Orlando .....the whale in question is a 12,300-pound bull Orca named Tilikum. And although it's sad that Dawn Brancheau was killed during a show or come to think of it at any time, but I can't help thinking that by making these magnificent creatures perform tricks in something the size of a bath tub to them is nothing short of cruel.... They are after all hunters and highly intelligent animals at that.

In my mind it's like playing Russian Roulette with an Uzi 9mm.... it's not a matter of if the Orca will kill as more when it will kill.... it's compounded by the fact that this particular Orca has killed twice before.... you would think after the first death they would have got the message... The Orca simply doesn't want to play ball and what makes it worse is people are queuing up and encouraging this kind of cruel treatment by paying money to watch these fantastic creatures perform completely unnatural behaviour..... Sure if an Orca can't be released into the wild because it's too dependant on humans because of whatever might have happened to it as a youngster fine... but don't make it jump through hoops for reward and especially not to line the pockets of it's jailers...

So I've got no sympathy that a Killer Whale has lived up to it's name and I'm not surprised in the slightest..... That's what they do

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