Thursday, 18 February 2010

I'm ill and other memories

It started with my nose hurting then it spread to my eyes and now I have a full on upper respiratory chest infection, which is starting to clear after I started dosing myself with Penicillin VK left over from another bout of disease one of us suffered there are enough left for a full course, so I'll take the lot ....

Onward and upward.

The other kids are down with their dad for a visit, Xboy boy took his girlfriend, FOMO boy took his Nintendo DSi, and Lauren just took her attitude.... it's only for a few days and although we miss them it's a nice break.... a change is as good as ? ....Freya is getting a lot of attention and is currently being potty trained which seems to be going well (thus far).....

We've just had what seems to be our monthly delivery of heating oil again, it's ridiculous the amount we seem to be ploughing through, but I guess with the recent cold weather it's all that can be expected....Roll on Global Warming .... sorry.... Summer ;¬)

the only other thing that's worth mentioning is that I have got back in contact via Facebook with a fair few of my old friends from days in the Army (at last a genuinely useful aspect of Facebook !! )

I've even been sent photographs of that time... this one is of the main gates outside the camp, I remember Ibbotson (or Ibbo as he was known) the guy on the left and I remember the other guy on the right but I can't put his face to a name.... (the ravages of time eh ?) you can tell it was the 80's those short denim shorts were all the rage..... I blame Wham! mind you I do remember it being VERY hot in Germany when I was there.....

Unfortunately my photographs of then were left at my ex wifes house and knowing her she has probably burned them or thrown them out, which is a shame because I'd have loved to have looked through them again...... It was really nice to see old faces and talk about times gone by..... We really did have a great time looking back.... it's amazing what some people remember and the things you yourself forget about.... like the time we got the Padre (Graham) absolutely hammered on Radler's (German weissbier) on the way up the Grunewald and when he was medivac'ed to some Austrian A&E when he cracked his skull after flying off the "Death Slide" on the assault course, and Sgt Waters muttering under his breath "he's going to die" ...and when "Stretch" sunburnt his feet and was unable to walk on them and was put on OC's orders for self inflicted wounds .... and a group of us walking up to the Eagles Nest and taking shortcuts directly up the mountain ignoring the winding road and climbing over fences marked with "Achtung Tollwut" and not knowing it meant (Attention!! Rabies) .........happy days :)

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