Tuesday, 15 March 2011


What can you say about such an awful natural disaster ? apparently Japan has moved on average 4 metres to the east after the earthquake. I know I've been glued to the TV and Internet broadcasts over what is unfolding over there, it's very hard to imagine first of all your house very nearly being reduced to rubble then in some coastal places being swept away by a 35 metre high tsunami... I'm guessing the loss of life will be much higher than current estimates.... but then to have a nuclear disaster thrown into the mix as well... it doesn't really get much worse than that.... I just hope they don't get another big quake a few months afterwards like New Zealand did, that would just be the final nail in the coffin for some I should imagine....

No doubt the sick jokes will start to circulate soon, as they always do when either somebody famous dies or a huge natural disaster strikes... it seems to be par for the course these days... I'm a fan of black humour having been in the forces but even squaddie humour has it's limits especially when so many people have lost their lives, and I think we can be pretty certain many thousands have, and possibly many more to come.

The crackpots on the internet have surfaced saying that Nostradamus predicted this event.... No he didn't, no doubt David Icke will have something equally ridiculous to say on the subject.

All I can say on the matter is that all I can do is offer my sympathy to all those lost, but more so to the ones left behind who have to pick up the pieces....

Truly horrific

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