Tuesday, 6 May 2008

2008 - 24 = ?

CCTV isn't working apparently despite the UK having more CCTV than any other country (4.2 million of them)


Visual Images, Identifications and Detections Office (Viido) ...(wonder how long that brilliant acronym took to think up?)

Det Ch Insp Neville said it's an utter fiasco with only 3% of London's street robberies being solved using security cameras, citing that criminals are not afraid of cameras .... (he is in charge of Viido by the way)

well it stands to reason really if somebody is intent on robbing you or somebody they have already committed to doing it and some eye in the sky or pole in most cases isn't really going to stop them, it's just factored into the risk I should imagine...

but like all things this government have introduced with their pointless laws to give the smoke and mirrors impression that they are doing "something" however pointless

You only have to cast your mind back to the gun control laws when they were rushed through parliament as a knee jerk reaction to Dunblane, criminals are NOT going to register guns with the police or obtain a firearms certificate, simply because they are operating illegally, they don't want the police to know they have guns..... duhhhhhhh.... and making law abiding citizens hand in their weapons doesn't remove the ones from the criminals hands, and I should imagine when it happened lots of guns flooded from the legally held sector into the black market simply because the government wasn't compensating the gun owners properly, so they ended up on the black market where a higher price was being paid.... it only takes a few gun owners to buy their mates gun and sell it on for cash and the trail goes cold.... and I shouldn't think many serial numbers exist on black market guns

and it's a bit like those utterly pointless amnesties they run every now and again, the last one being a knife amnesty, the underlying cause is because people don't feel safe on the streets.... hence why they carry a weapon, you are hardly going to convince that type of person to hand in their blade, unless you make them feel safe and the only way to do that is to put more coppers on the streets instead of sitting in civilian Mitsubishi Evo's trying to catch that arch criminal the ever so slightly speeding motorist

and don't even get me started on speed cameras...ooops.... SORRY... safety cameras..... you have heard of course that they are as we speak doing a trial on "safety" cameras built into cats eyes in the road.... they will I am sure paint them bright yellow once installed for easy visibility of course..... they are after all there as a deterrent not a means of generating cash as we have been told countless times ;¬)

and no I haven't been caught for speeding recently.... the Pug flat out in 4th barely makes the national speed limit :) (probably a good thing.....)

I also caught the tail end of Watchdog last night they were laying into the CSA saying how useless they were as an organisation with complaint after complaint AND costing £200 million a year...... one guy got a letter out of the blue demanding payment for some child he supposedly fathered only to retract their demand when he told them he had had a vasectomy 8 years prior to the child being born....that by any standards is one hell of a gestation period..... and the woman who said the CSA had sent her a letter stating she been paid by the CSA only to find out that the CSA had paid the wrong woman but couldn't pay her because they can't override the computer.... or the best one a woman who's ex husband was paying maintenance but she was getting £1.50 here and £0.90 pence there, or "drip fed" as the CSA call it, while her ex husband was paying £449 a month to the CSA !!! no doubt paying for all the other letters to completely uninvolved and in some cases childless couples, must be one hell of a shock being in a stable marriage and one day a letter arrives from the CSA saying your husband has fathered a child..... it's about time the CSA had it's bloody wings clipped it's about as much use as a chocolate fire guard or an ashtray on a motorbike, maybe one day it will be consigned to the white elephant grave yard sited at the O2 dome (ex Millennium dome) as not a very bright idea

the computer says NO !!!

right I'm off my soap box now, have a nice day :)

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