Friday, 23 May 2008

I was going to make a comment about Politics

and in particular Labour getting panned in the Crewe by-elections....... but to be honest I can't be really .... I can't be bothered..... it's quite obvious that Labour are out as soon as the next general election is called.

You'll know it when it happens because petrol will be on a par with gold bullion in the FTSE100 and foolproof syphon tubes to assist transferring fuel from one car to another guaranteed to defeat any anti syphoning fuel tanks currently being fitted to today's cars...... will be flooding Ebay, along with self tapping and sealing drainage taps...... ideal for emptying your neighbours heating oil tank quickly and without being detected.... I jest of course (sort of).... but we are already getting people around here coming home and finding their heating oil tank empty.... and thinking about it considering 500 litres of fuel is worth just under £500, so a full tank would be £2500 !!! a pretty easy robbery really thinking about it, especially if you know your victims are out and it's a rural area.....

and I think it's going to get a whole lot worse with sweet crude hitting $135 a barrel and predicted to hit $200 a barrel....

Anyway enough doom and gloom it's bank holiday weekend !!!! woohoo !!! which is why it took me nearly 2 hours to drive 37 miles home from work today... I was cursing the caravans and grockles dutifully queueing up on the M4 to spend a couple of days in a dinky caravan as the rain bounced down like stair rods on their tin roofs.... "who's bloody idea was this then ???"

and to top it all off the littlest lad has a banging toothache and we haven't been able to get him an appointment at his dentist, they are saying July !! AND he is off to his Dad's tomorrow as are the other two hormonally gripped wannabe adults on the train for a few days, I really hope it doesn't play up too much for him because toothache is not funny..... BUT he has been told to cut down on sweets and to brush his teeth regularly.... does he listen ? you can't exactly say "told you so..." when his eyeballs outnumber his remaining teeth .......besides everybody knows that kids know better so it's pointless warning them anyway ;¬)

right off to chill out before bed, hope you have a good weekend :)

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