Friday, 2 May 2008

Well Labour has taken a hammering in the local elections

The Conservatives have a 44% lead over Labour, this morning anyway..... I think we can count Gordon Browns stint as prime minister in days now, not that the Conservatives will do any better, in fact any of the parties these days there really isn't much between them policy wise... but Labour have really shot themselves in the foot over this, it just seems to be one gaff after the next...

abolishing the 10p tax band <--- big mistake

then back peddling to compensate the ones hit by it, then there is Northern Rock, the government just seems to be frittering away public money, and lets not mention the expenses politicians claim.....

Then of course we have the spiralling fuel prices and the cost of living, I had to laugh at Harriet Harmen on BBC news this morning saying Labour were extremely disappointed with the results but were the best party to carry the country forward so that we could enjoy the good times of the 90's again.... has she stolen the plans for the Tardis ? I think the British public have sent less of a shot across the bow of New Labour more of a bombardment.... worst results for Labour in 40 years apparently !!!

Amazing isn't it how the politicians say they will listen to us now (it's almost pathetic to hear the whimpering) .... funny that isn't it ? I was under the impression they were in power to serve us not follow their own agenda..... ahhh well once the Conservatives are in (again) they will go the same way I guess....eventually.....complacency always sets in... although I seem to remember the Conservatives seem to have a better class of sleaze than New Labour ;¬)

I even read that hundreds of Polish workers are leaving the country.... probably before they can't afford the petrol to get back to Poland !!!

you would think I was rabid anti Labour, but I'm not, I'm rabid anti every party.... they are all as useless and as bad as each other, they just mess up the country by differing degrees that's all

the end is nigh ;¬)

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