Thursday, 10 July 2008

Being born yesterday...... etc

It seems my step daughter skived off school yesterday and the day before, her excuse being it's the last week of school and all her friends are skiving off school as well, needless to say Andrea went ballistic after she found out from school, and grounded her, and has told her any more nonsense and she will be grounded for weeks to come, plus it looks like she will tapping the boards outside the headmasters office today with a possible exclusion/suspension on the cards, which looking at it is precisely what she wants anyway, because it would mean not going to school.

I have a feeling she thinks she will be swanning off to town with her "mates" to enjoy her suspension/time off on the run up to the beginning of the school holidays...... wrongggggggg....

She even tried the leaving her school bag complete with dirty uniform in my car last night no doubt because come the morning she would be using the old chestnut "ohhh I can't go to school my uniform is dirty...excuse"..... alas Andrea recovered it and washed it and ironed it last night.... no excuse...all bases covered... hence the being born yesterday title, I knew when I picked her up from town after work that she hadn't been to school even before Andrea told me, because when I asked her how school was, she had all the tell tale signs of lying and she is VERY bad at it.

If she does get suspended, we both support any decision the school will make on her, and not to make it an easy ride all internet access will be turned off at home (on the kids PC and her linux box in her bedroom).... we are not going to make her possible suspension a pleasurable experience by any means, in fact she will soon realise being at home with nothing to do and bored out of her skull will make school seem like an exciting alternative.

I think half of the problem is the crowd she has got in with in town, which is precisely one of the reasons why we decided to live out in the sticks, but what can you do ? you can't curtail her social life with her friends (well you can if she doesn't toe the line at home) and you also can't choose her "friends" for her, they are all decisions she has to make good or bad (mostly bad it seems to me at the moment) but it's all a part of growing up...

it does make me laugh when teenage stunts and skives are pulled, both Andrea and I did them all before and more, they seem to think it's all ground breaking stuff and the grown ups couldn't possibly have a clue what is going on...yeah right :)

I know what my parents were saying now when I was a teenager "you will have to get up early to pull the wool over my eyes ...boy" never a truer word said ;¬) what goes around comes around eh ?

Karma it is.....Karma I tell you :)

The only other thing of note is Andrea finding that sanding my teeth this morning with some wet and dry P600 paper was weird... ? God doesn't everybody do that ? ;¬) Truth of the matter is, I had a filling and the dentist had left the front surface rough with residue white polymer (the stuff they use now instead of mercury based fillings).... it eventually wears down/off, but it's a one hell of a lot quicker if you sand it off ..... nice smooth finish now.... next stop a respray bright white with racing stripes ;¬)

addendum: Just had an update from Andrea she didn't get a suspension, she has to spend the entire day with the assistant headmaster......unlucky !!!

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