Friday, 25 July 2008

I've been signed off work for two weeks .... :¬(

It's my right shoulder, apparently I have a rotor cuff tear see picture on left, it flared up after an Aikido training session, and I thought it had practically gone but it's come back, I went to the doctors and she said that by the sounds of it I had suffered a partial dislocation, judging by the type of pain I was suffering and where it hurt most and the lack of vertical movement, and apparently according to the doctor after I explained the rotation and movement used in the Aikido move we were practising at the time, there would have been a 90% chance of complete dislocation and it was only my tendons and muscles that actually kept the joint together, which have now of course been stretched :( so not a happy bunny at the moment :(....

So Andrea has to put up with me for two weeks, although I think she is secretly happy that I'm at home to be honest :) not much to report on the family life front, nothing untoward happening, no major fall outs, no beatings carried out, (well except "FlyerGate" but that's been sorted now)... just general family life. Freya has come out in an awful rash, we think it's down to a change of washing powder, we have switched back now so hopefully that will put an end to it, it really was awful seeing her skin all blotchy, but she is a trooper still smiling and laughing even though her skin must have been itchy, we've had her to the doctors and she is being slathered in aqueous cream head to toe every night, it seems to have lessened the eczema quite a bit :)

Hopefully she will be clear of it before we go camping in August to Shell Island

It's a truly massive place at 300 acres (see above) of sand dunes, grasslands, beaches and hopefully hot sunshine, I think we have the camping lark completely sussed now, all mod cons, well most mod cons, I simply refuse to take a chemical toilet, nothing wrong with the ones provided by the campsite and at least I don't have to empty them :) which is always a plus, the kids are in for a bit of a shock though, there is absolutely nothing to do except walk, climb massive sand dunes, take in the scenery, walk a bit more, maybe a bit of swimming in the clear waters surrounding the island and just generally relax and forget about the world for a week :) bliss.... they will be doing their own washing up was well which might come as a bit of a shock to them, no clean plate or cutlery then no lunch, dinner or tea :) (well they can but personally I wouldn't like my lunch placed over a dirty plate from the previous meal).... we are going up in the Jeep and the others are travelling up by train well most of the others, the shadow boy is travelling up with us but he will have his DS lite to keep him occupied (with headphones.....bliss again) and of course Freya, Chris is bringing his sea kayak and fishing gear (hopefully) so who knows we may well be eating sea bass at some point, it will be quite a camping extravaganza with 16 of us last count (I think), roll on the summer jollies, warm beer and good company :)

I'm off to Cardigan tonight for a farewell bash for my solicitors and good friends the Taylors, they are off to sunnier climes at last !! They are becoming fully paid up Lesbians (Colin included !!) and are moving to Lesbos to their retirement villa, (it's alright for some!!) we are sending them off with some bubbly and finishing off with a Chinese meal at the only Chinese restaurant in Cardigan, should be fun although I won't be drinking anything much because I have to drive home :(

Right I have stuff to do, like clean a kitchen and hoover and generally spruce the place up one handed before Mein Fuhrer comes back from Llanelli with my step daughter.....(now where is the Ipod with "I want to break free !!" by Queen) most fitting methinks :)

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