Friday, 29 May 2009

I've been Paintballing today !!!

And I have to say it's probably the most fun you can have with your clothes on !!! Although the downside is that when you get hit it does leave a rather nasty welt/bruise on you......and it BLOODY HURTS !!! but you do wear full face masks and they do offer body padding..... the face mask yes.... but body padding is for wusses !!! ;¬)

I only got hit on my right bicep, one on my left shoulder and a partial one on my left wrist.... thankfully that's all the damage I took... the strange thing is you don't actually feel it very much other than the initial "THWACK" but that's only momentary and you just get on with blatting the other guys..... it is a bit disconcerting hearing them zip over your head when you break cover and run like a lunatic though.... The xbox recluse took a real pearler to his neck just behind his ear.... that had to sting ..... Unlucky !!

we went to the new one in Glanamman (sp) near Ammanford on probably the hottest day of the year thus far and spent the entire day running up hills and running down hills..... I am absolutely cream crackered tonight.....

do you see the picture above ???? this particular one was taken from a paint balling website..... I suspect they are trying to glam it up a me there are no women like that running around in the woods...... it's more like this

Even so don't let that put you off it's pretty damn good for getting rid of any aggression you might have pent up...... there was one guy there who zipping the balls past me and had me completely pinned down until one of my team mates distracted him..... that's all I needed.... I mounted a full frontal assault screaming at the top of my lungs blatting away .... I must have hit him about nine times in all starting at his shin and working my way up his body in a nicely spaced join the paint ball collage of colour all in a matter of five seconds.....needless to say he surrendered.....

do it .... it's FUN !!!

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