Monday, 25 May 2009


The beach didn't happen, it was pretty overcast this morning and other than a brief burst of sunshine at about midday that was it.... so we decided to cut the three lawns we have instead, which is no mean feat when it uses about two tankfuls of 4 stroke petrol to do them all... I did manage to learn something though .... NEVER strim fungus, I ended up smelling like a punnet of gone off Tesco value mushrooms but to my credit I didn't actually see the fungus until it was too late.... and in that split second I made the wrong decision.... ahhhh well

Andrea has upped the anti on her running she did 5km today which she is pleased about, I'm actually seeing a real change in her body shape.... not that it was bad before, far from it... she is just more toned overall .... but that's exercise for you .... does wonders especially when you stick to it like she has...... :)

I spoke too soon on the broadband problem it's dropped back to 500kbits/sec on the BRAS profile after a drop out on the Signal to Noise ratio and retraining down to a sedate 576 Kbits/sec.... weird thing is once the modem was rebooted it shot back up to 2.6Mbits with 6db SNR instead of -2db !!! So I think we are talking interference on the line here what though is beyond me.... all I can do is tell when the line is noisy for ADSL

I had Mr Gupta from BT ring me to ask if the problem had been solved..... "NO !!" I said "it's dropped back to the world wide wait speed" .... completely wasted on him of course, I'm guessing Indian humour is a bit different in Mumbai, anyway we are now faced with another three day wait for the BRAS profile to update AGAIN !!! I'd change broadband suppliers but I've a feeling that would be jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire..... :(

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