Saturday, 16 May 2009

Thank God it's Summer (ish)

Our Oil Boiler packed up last week, the ignition circuit fried itself so we have been hovering between hypothermia and shivering with only the £5 an hour electric fan heater to keep us warm....

The central heating bloke eventually turned up and did his stuff, he wasn't too happy with the state of it, we calculated it hadn't been serviced in at least 5 years (and no that isn't our boiler pictured above)

A new one will have to be purchased methinks and plumbed in before the two weeks of sunshine that we call summer in Wales has gone and we fall into Autumn around the end of July time ;¬)

I've still had no luck on the job front, it's getting worse I fear, the amount of jobs available are dropping on the various websites I visit and even the job centre website has less to offer..... the family is doing ok, the Xbox recluse has just taken his ICT exam so we'll get to hear about that at some point and he is off into Carmarthen this afternoon job hunting seeing as he has practically finished school now bar one exam left.....he only wants a job for spending money.......since we stopped his pocket money at 16 he's beginning to realise not all things in life are free !!!!

I'm slowly going mad with this house husbandry business.... my mind is starting to slowly dissolve under the strain and bombardment of the mind altering day time TV..... I did manage to get out and have a walk on the Pembrokeshire coastal path the other day, and that blew some of the cobwebs away.... and I am seriously considering saving my pennies for the purchase of another mountain bike... I wore the other one out up in North Wales.... it's probably still sitting there underneath the steps in St Asaph in the little house I used to live in rotting away.... well practically every bearing it possessed was worn out... it needed retirement it simply wasn't safe in the end....

Andrea is shedding the pounds she's taken up running again... I have to say the difference is noticeable but she wasn't fat to start with....but you know women .... never happy with what they have....

right time to do stuff ..... although what I don't know

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