Friday, 22 May 2009

The joys of BT Broadband

We've been having trouble with our broadband of late, it dropped down to a pedestrian 149kbits/sec which is barely faster than the days of the 56k modem connection...... Anyway after various calls to BT's wonderful first line broadband support based in India and manned by lobotomised script monkeys, who if you deviate off their pre-written scripts have a mental breakdown on the spot.... I eventually got through to somebody in this country, who :-

A) I could fully understand
B) They could fully understand me
C) Didn't apologise every other word
D) Seems to have fixed the problem

I sent them this pretty picture :- (click on picture to get a better view....although it's not compulsory.... it's pretty boring in fact unless you're into S/N ratios and bitswapping or HEC and FEC errors)

anyway after he had a look at it he came back and said "hmmmm your line noise is greater than your signal, that's the problem Sir !!" so after I awarded him the prestigious "no shit sherlock" award for outstanding deductive skills.... he pumped up the volume on the exchange and we got this pretty picture instead :-

needless to say we now have more signal than noise and are connected at a blistering 2.3 Mbits/sec..... (believe me that's blistering out here in the sticks where we live) ......although our BRAS profile is still set to 250kbits/sec (Broadband Remote Access Server) that apparently will take up to 24 hours to up the speed to something above a slug on valium..... fingers crossed it works because I have my MAC code and I'm not afraid to use it BT !!!

ohhhh and for those interested in monitoring their ADSL modem/circuit the software used was RouterStats available at :-


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