Sunday, 24 January 2010

No Claims Discount

I'm one of the those lucky people who have well over 9 years no claims discount and was particularly "chuffed" when our yearly insurance quote for our new car was only £126 fully comprehensive..... Yes it's sad but true "Duran Duran" is being retired.... So logically when we insured the new car we thought we would just let the insurance run its course with "Duran Duran" then SORN the old lady and decide what to do with her when the time came.....

Oh no..... not with our new insurance company culled from the GoCompare website..... Apparently even though I have over 9 years no claims discount they cannot accept the discount unless the original insurance policy which sports the 9 years NCD is cancelled !!! Furthermore if we don't cancel the policy and transfer the 9 years NCD our premiums will go up to £94 a month !!! or basically half of what it would cost a spotty 17 year old to insure his 13 year old Citreon Saxo chav mobile with Halfords speakers and body styling kit .... complete with go faster stripes....Or as it's known locally around here..."What's that car doing upside down in that field on that bend ?"

Which brings me to what exactly is a No Claims Discount ??? ..... by the very make up of the words used in it's description, to me it was purely that the driver had made no claims to an insurance company for a period of years..... No it's seems the NCD dies with the car unless you transfer it to another vehicle... Now correct me if I'm wrong here but most cars require a driver and it is the driver who controls the vehicle not the vehicle.... so surely the fact that a driver hasn't hit anything should be the deciding factor not if the car has ???? It's madness

So things are not looking good for "Duran Duran" she may be retired sooner than we thought she was going to's ironic really we had just bought two new front tyres for it as well ......

The only other bit of news was a particularly vicious D&V bug first cultured and introduced by Freya who re-enacted this scene very admirably the other day in the front room.... then I succumbed to it last night except I only suffered the D bit not the V bit..... but it did feel as if I had emptied the contents of several car batteries into my stomach.... it's viciousness was only exceeded by the relatively short duration it lasted....and when you only have two Gaviscon tablets in the house suffer horribly...... we shall see who it fells next..... I awoke this morning after a very bad night and felt as if I had been run over (several times) by a road roller .... but thankfully now all systems seem to be returning to normal and running nominally

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