Saturday, 9 January 2010

Our outside toilet is the beachy head of the mouse world

This is the third mouse to meet it's untimely end in our outside toilet... it looks as if it's alive with it's eyes wide open... but I can assure you it was as stiff as a board..... so off to the cesspit it went ..... either the mouse population is getting so desperate for a drink of water that they are throwing themselves into the toilet to quench their raging thirst OR and more likely they fall off the sink in the outside toilet which houses our dried dog food bounce on the rim of the toilet and splashdown into the freezing and inescapable toilet bowl....

By the looks of this one it didn't drown hence the fixed open eyed stare..... it simply just froze to death in the Arctic waters of our outside dunny .... and if you click on the picture to enlarge it you can see where several fleas have jumped ship ... only to drown themselves in the frigid water.... still like cute little mice do you ????

We are still in the grips of the big freeze here, as you can see with the picture above... we're that really white bit on the bottom left of the picture ;¬) and it seems we are going to get no let up....

Apparently we are going to get snowed on again on Sunday.... I'm actually starting to get fed up of the snow now.... it will be nice to wake up to a dreary wet morning.... instead of a white out... I'm sure the mouse population will breath a sigh of relief.... although I have no objection to the toilet "offing" a few of them in this cold snap :)

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