Wednesday, 6 January 2010

School's out ..... for Winter !!! (they wish)

<-- Andrea and Freya on the new Tesco value sledge .......(don't knock it, it goes like greased weasel poop)

Well the kids still haven't been back to school since the new year, Andrea had a brief spell back in school but it wasn't long after that the clouds dumped half of Greenland on us and she very nearly didn't make it home.... I managed a short trip out to the shops to get some essentials to tide us over but overnight it snowed again so we have about 4" outside which has now frozen solid...

but we had a good day sledging in our field on polythene and building snowmen and the deadliest of Daleks "Snovros".... We do have a massively steep field we can use but unfortunately the farmer put sheep in it, so we decided against whipping past a flock of sheep.... it would have taken sheep worrying to a whole new level ;¬) Freya wasn't too enamoured with her first day's sledging, probably because her wellies just didn't cut it frost and cold wise.... and we had to cut the visit short because of Freya's feet.... but undeterred we returned the next day and had Freya trussed up like a Formula one technician in a blue waterproof suit with more layers than an average onion... once she was warm enough (and practically nigh on impossible for her to walk....) it was hard to keep her in the house..... School of course was shut for another day ......

We have the heating up and it's just about coping with the cold snap..... you really appreciate it when you've been out sledging for a while and the warm blast hits you when you come in...... despite this Andrew still has a complete inability to shut any door behind him ... come to think of it wherever Andrew goes there is usually a trail of lights left on, Wii's, Computers, DSi's, plates, cups, sweet wrappers... but he is getting marginally better.... I'm convinced the beatings are working ;¬)

Anyway I'm off to flick the heating on for 5 minutes mainly to crack the frost on the radiators (copper pipe is expensive to replace if it bursts) ... and I can't stand the sound of kids crying themselves to sleep in the cold.... ;¬)

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